If there’s one thing all sectors can agree on, it is that it’s not business as usual this year. Across Australia, companies are changing the way they operate to allow employees to stay connected, efficient and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But while this year has proven that people can work just as collaboratively and productively online as they can in a physical office, many businesses are discovering that’s much harder with outdated internet infrastructure.

If your company remains at the mercy of an old copper network, modernising with fibre optic cabling can significantly improve your connection speeds – even for your remote workforce. Here are four reasons why fibre can take your business to new heights.

1. Superfast speeds

Many projects, approvals and meetings are now managed online, so slow internet isn’t just frustrating, it’s a severe drain on productivity. With business-grade fibre connections offering symmetrical upload and download speeds, businesses are able to upload, download and share large files or videos, and connect to cloud services, remarkably faster. When choosing your internet provider, it is important to ask if their service includes symmetrical bandwidth.

2. Cloud ready

Many businesses have begun migrating away from costly company-owned and maintained VPNs to modern cloud services that better connect teams, allows access to secure online storage and future-proof operations. So a stable internet connection has become more important than ever for businesses to run smoothly, especially in an age of video calls and online CRM tools. Fibre provides fast speeds and a reliable connection to reduce the chances of poor cloud connectivity and keep everyone linked to company systems. 

3. Long-term cost-effectiveness

It’s common knowledge that the cheapest option is not always the best solution – and the same is true for fibre. While initial installation can be costly, fibre optic networks have been designed to last, so ROI can be considerably high in the long run. It’s also worth noting that the increased efficiency of a fibre optic network will help your online systems work faster, providing time and cost savings.

4. More peace of mind

Fibre is stable and consistent, even over long distances. For added reliability, pair new technology with an internet provider that offers a high Service level Agreement (SLA). iiNet Business, for example, back their business Fibre1000 plan with a 99.95 per cent uptime SLA.

Ready to move to fibre?

iiNet’s Fibre1000 plan delivers all the benefits of fibre and more with 1Gbps of lightning-fast symmetrical bandwidth. You’ll have the flexibility to dedicate all 1Gbps to internet or split it across voice, cloud, data or internet services – the choice is yours. Installation can be arranged in select office and enterprise buildings throughout Australia and, once fibre is in place, a dedicated support team is available 24/7, including public holidays.

Speak to iiNet’s business team today to discover how fibre can transform your business and to arrange a pre-qualification for your address.


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